The public exposure your school receives is increased exponentially when you become a Schools K-12 Sponsored School. As a Sponsored School, you get an enhanced profile. What this means is, visitors searching our sites for schools matching your criteria (grade level, public vs. private etc.) and in your area will discover that your school has been designated as a Sponsored School whose reports through Schools K-12 are free as opposed to those reports of non Sponsored Schools which will require a fee for the user to access.

Additionally, you will have the ability to enhance this free report over the one Schools K-12 normally provides to its users. As a Sponsored School your report can be enhanced with picture uploads, more descriptive text and other services that assist your school in putting its best foot forward with potential new students.

As a Sponsored School, the Premium Report on your school through Schools K-12 is available to our users FREE of charge and "advertised" as such on the applicable search results pages. Thus, visitors are more likely to request it. In addition, Sponsored Schools receive priority visibility ranking in our school search results.


Upon making payment, your school is shown as a Sponsored School within the applicable search results pages usually within 48 hours.

As a Sponsored School, you have the ability to make unlimited updates to your school's information in the Principal's Pride area. Your enhanced profile rights give you the ability to upload photographs, attach a letter from the principal, and include other relevant information for the public to view.

You also have the privilege of being a top listing on any school search results where your school meets the search criteria. Any time someone requests a report on your school, you will be supplied with their city and name.

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