Realtor Advertising - How It Works

How Do I Find Available Areas?

To find zip codes in your area that are available for exclusive advertising, please fill in your criteria below and click the continue button.

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Why Should A Realtor Sponsor An Area?

Based on a recent survey, Over 50% of our visitors searching for schools on indicated they expect to move within the next 12 months.

What Do I Get For Sponsoring An Area?

Exclusivity. When you select to Sponsor an area, that zip code is blocked and no other Realtor sponsor will appear on those pages or reports. Your ad will appear in three different places when a user selects to investigate your area giving you compliments for making the free report possible.

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What Does It Cost?

Choose an option that works best for you.

  • $  89.00 Sponsors One Zip Code for Three Months
  • $169.00 Sponsors Two Zip Codes for Three Months
  • $239.00 Sponsors Three Zip Codes for Three Months

Advertising Information


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