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“How are the schools in the area?"

The age-old question that every family-planning homebuyer wants to know. Next time, answer with confidence using Schools K-12. Schools K-12 is a real estate agent’s best resource for objective information on public schools, private schools and charter schools, grades kindergarten through twelfth. We provide comprehensive school profiles, easy-to-use school search and compare tools as well as a wealth of additional resources.

Use Schools K12 to expand your repertoire of service offerings!

1.   The next time you show a home, prepare yourself with local school information using Schools K-12 easy to use school search and reporting services. Click here to begin your search or register as a member to maintain a log of the schools you frequently view.
2.   Assist clients in search for the perfect neighborhood by posting a Schools K-12 link on your website. The link is FREE, and in return for your participation, Schools K-12 will list you in its Real Estate Agent Directory. For additional linking information, please contact us and provide us with your contact information.
3.   Maintain your corporate identity by applying for a framed version of Schools K-12. Appearing as if it’s just another feature offered on your site, Schools K-12 seamlessly integrates its services into your existing website by surrounding its Web pages with your logo, colors, and overall look. The framed version of Schools K-12 gives visitors to your site access to the same great information as located at without requiring them to leave. For more information, please submit your email address and contact information.