Vancouver, Washington Schools Save Millions

Patricia Hawke

With the current economic crisis, schools now, more than ever need to find solutions to fix their budget crisis. They are forced to lay off teachers, school staffs, increase classroom size and cut back on many school activities that they would have been able to do in the past. Students aren’t getting what they deserve from their education. The class sizes are becoming much too big for them to get enough attention from the teachers and their schools are starting to lack in fun activities to get students involved in the school. Washington schools decided they needed to make a change. They hired an auditor to go to Washington states ten largest school districts and evaluate them fully, breaking down each individual aspect of the schools spending and had them develop a plan to fix their budget crisis and save the schools money. They found over $54 Million in potential savings from the audit.

The first thing they realized was that some of Washington Schools had eighteen percent more classroom space than it needed, so they potentially could add more students to a classroom and save money by not having as many teachers teaching at the same time. By filling in the classrooms a little more, just by eighteen percent, the schools would save a lot of money and they wouldn’t have to sacrifice as much as they are now. Classroom over crowding is one thing, but by getting the school classroom size up to what it should be, it wont be overcrowded, it will be considered normal. By adding more students to a classroom it will save Washington schools money but some would be skeptical if it would be a disservice to the students. In a way, it could be, since they have been used to small classrooms and having the amount of attention they had in the past from their teachers. On the contrary, it could be a good thing because it could prepare them for college life, where the classroom to teacher ratio is much larger.

Another thing they realized that would save them a lot of money was using a automated computer software for the school buses, this would automatically time clock the bus drivers and get exactly how much tike they drove on the record. This will save over eight million dollars over five years. Every five and ten minutes bus drivers might miss-clock to benefit their pay check costs the schools a lot of money over time, but by having this automated time clock system for the bus drivers, it eliminates the problem. The bus drivers might not be too happy about the new automatic time clock systems, but overall it benefits them because it will keep the school from having to lay them off because of budget cuts.

There are many ways schools can save money. Even though this economy is bad, the schools are still spending as t they had the same budget as before but are overlooking the easy ways they can save money. Thankfully for the auditor, Washington schools can save money and save their teachers jobs.

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