Union Limits in Ohio Schools

patricia Hawke

Ohio Schools are beginning to realize the effects the Union has on their school ratings and budget. Not only does the unions protect the teachers, but it costs the schools more money and limits the school from being able to successfully give the students what they need to prosper in their education. Ohio schools and other schools across the nation have always fought with unions to change laws that protect teachers. Ohio schools want to have good teachers that are educating their students in the correct way and motivating them to want to excel in school. Schools and unions need to get together and forget what they have done in the past and move forward with the students in mind, not other people’s salaries. Students need so much from us, as they are children and look up to the coaching of their elders and teachers. If a student has a bad teacher it directly inhibits them from succeeding in school and gives them a lack of motivation to go to class or want to complete a higher education.

It’s always important for students to get a higher education. The more positive education students receive in high school, the more motivated they will be to want to have a successful career. By going to college, students can have more opportunities in life, to be successful and stimulate our economy. Without school, the 21st century does not prosper. We need our next generations to stop being lazy and focusing on technology and search engines to think for us. As much as technology can be a benefit to daily life and create smoother operations for businesses and schools, we still need education to be a well-rounded individual and be successful in life. Ohio schools want the union to make a change to better the students, or course Ohio schools want good school ratings but in order for this to happen, they need the union to let off some of their strict rules and start to focus on the students. This is the reason why there are schools, right? Schools are in place to educate and train our 21st century students and all the next generations to come, by going to school students will eventually get jobs and stimulate our economy and make our world go round.

Teachers do deserve protection though. They are the ones that get up every weekday morning and teach our children and students knowledge on various subjects and are there as a role model for our kids to look up to, besides their parents. Its important for children to have other adults in their life that they can look up to and learn from, but because of this crucial role model role that teachers have in a students life, its important that it is a positive one. We need our students to get the best they can out of life and their education and in order for that to happen; we need the union to change some of its rules.

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