Raising Student Achievement in Wisconsin Schools

Patricia Hawke

It’s always the top things on the minds of superintendents and other school administrators that they want their students of their schools to do well. They want the students to get as much as they can out of their education and prepare them the best way they can for a higher education. They want students to be successful while attending their schools and they want the students to prosper. By having students who do well in their school, they are showing that the teachers there are effective and are doing a good job keeping the students interested in attending school and interested in pursuing a higher education. This all results in higher school ratings for the schools. Wisconsin schools are beginning to realize that by having better labor and management collaboration their students will do better in school, as a result of them being on the same pager and collaborating positively. It does no good to the students if the labor and management aren’t on the same page.

By union leaders and district leaders working together and collaborating positively in efforts to create better environment for the children, it helps the students to be more successful in school. Instead of teachers being mad that the unions aren’t protecting them enough, or if they are mad that school officials and unions have long drawn out debates over certain aspects of school rules and labor rules, if they collaborate and actually try to see each other’s point of view, things will go smoother as a whole. Schools will run smoother, more efficiently and staff will be happy. Who wants to manage a staff that doesn’t respect their school administrators? The Union and the school officials have never seen eye to eye and always have varying points of view when it comes to labor. The union wants to protect the teachers at any cost, even if the cost is students not being educated the way that they should be. The school officials are stressed about budget cuts and the teachers that they find to be unsuccessful at education students in the correct way, are protected by the union and cannot be fired.

By the unions and school administrators collaborating they are able to fix situations and solve problems more efficiently. No matter what one side will have to see the other sides’ point of view and they need to work it out between them and find a happy medium, for the children’s sake. They need to stop being selfish and only thinking that their opinion matters and they are doing just the opposite now. Thankfully they saw the light and are learning that in order to solve problems, you need to see the other person’s point of view and not be blinded by your own opinions. Because they are learning to effectively work on problems together and figure out happy mediums with both of their opinions, the students will have happier teachers, happier school officials and this will result in them having a better education.

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