Online Class Trials in Phoenix

In Phoenix, Arizona online classes are becoming more and more popular. Online classes give students the freedom of completing a course or certain school subject while at home or in a library. It helps the students to become more independent and learn to create goals for themselves and complete them in a timely manner. It teaches the students time management and helps them to become efficient with schoolwork. Phoenix schools recognize the positive benefits of students being able to take online classes and the life skills then can potentially acquire from it if they are successful with the online class. The problem is, some students see taking online school or online classes as an easy way out of school, when that learning style isn’t suited to them. Every student learns differently and its important for students to realize this and choose class types based on their best way of learning.

As some would think everyone can benefit from online classes because its easier, that just isn’t the case. Online classes sometimes can be more difficult because they don’t have the presence of a teacher their to help you face to face and help you work through math problems, or break down a reading assignment for an online English class. Some students need the physical presence of a teacher to help them break down class assignments and learn from it. If a student that needs this type of teaching, then online classes would not be the right choice for them. Online classes are more for students who are independent, disciplined and have an easy time teaching themselves and finding the correct answers when they don’t know how do complete an assignment. Is a student takes the online class and they aren’t the independent, disciplined type then they most likely will fail the online class and get behind in their education.

Phoenix schools realized this problem that students were taking online classes as an easy way out, but failing quite quickly because they could not keep up with the fast paced demands online classes have of students. The online classes often cram more work into a week than in a typical traditional classroom does. Online classes are much faster paced and require you to do all of the work, do it right, and submit it on time. Not submitting an assignment on time will automatically give you zero points on that assignment. Phoenix schools discovered a solution to this problem. They decided they would allow students to take online classes with a three-week trial basis. They would be able to take the online course for three weeks and if the online instructor decides that the students learning style is not suited to online class education, they will be switched to a traditional classroom. This is great because it gives every student the opportunity to succeed in an online class, but helps the student to discover is online education is really the right path for them. Phoenix schools are on the right track to helping their students succeed.

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