New Educational Technology in Texas Schools

Patricia Hawke

It’s important to keep up with the times when it comes to educational technology. Texas schools are beginning to implement more and more technology into their classrooms and they are seeing a lot of academic differences in their students. The students seem to be more interested in learning, they are getting better test score and coming to school more often. Students in the 21st century require a certain amount of technology in their daily life to keep their attention. By adding educational technology into their daily activities and classwork in school, the students will become more interested and have a greater desire to attend school and learn. Texas schools and all other public schools are always concerned with school ratings and how they can achieve better school ratings. Schools in the past that have had one computer for every student on enrolled in their schools have always had great school ratings and this is because the school focused on adding technology into the classrooms.

The technology in the classrooms is not their just to spark interest and for the students to play games on, the educational technological software on these computers help students to get better grades in school and achieve more with their time. Technology makes life more efficient and it does the same when working on homework or schoolwork. Teachers are able to assign more work with online research projects because they know students can find the information required quickly and easily. They not only are incorporating basic educational technological software onto the computers but they are beginning to implement educational video gaming on computers. This is great because it helps students to have fun while learning and learn that going to school doesn’t always have to be boring and not fun. Going to school could mean exploring new technological devices, becoming experts on basic web navigation and playing games to help them with their studies.

Some say that allowing all of this fun in school would distract the students from taking their schoolwork seriously. It actually does the opposite. Having fun while learning is a better way to keep students interested in the subject they are learning and creating a desire for them to want to complete a higher education than high school. With the use of technology students can break the barrier between boring, old ways of learning and replace it with fun use of technology to help them achieve their educational goals. Because a lot of classes in school are beginning to go online, students now more than ever need to be trained in using educational technology and learn online educational tools that can help them with their education in the future. With Texas schools updating their schools with the newest technologies, students will be able to prosper and find higher education to be easier than others who haven’t used educational technology in the past. Weather it be iPads, iPod’s or educational computer software, its important to students to become familiar with these devices and programs so that they can be prepared for life and higher education filled with technology.

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