Initiative for School Principles

Patricia Hawke

We all realize that teachers directly affect our children and how they learn in school. The teachers are with the students five days a week, and they become key role models in the student’s lives. Having good teacher give students the desire to want to go to school and do well in school so their teachers can praise them for their performance increases. Good and effective teachers can shape a students life and give them the motivation to succeed in school and have good goals for their higher education future. By keeping the students motivated to succeed in school, the schools will directly see higher school rating because of the happy students because of their great teachers. But how can a teacher truly be a good and effective teacher if their administrators are bringing them down? There is a direct effect from principles and other higher school administrators having a good attitude and creating a positive work environment for its teachers. Just like with sales, if you aren’t happy and in a positive work environment, how can you have the motivation to want to sell for your team and help your bosses do well? Missouri schools are beginning to reform their teacher and principle relationships and making sure the administrators are seen as a positive part of the school rather than a boss that is out to get you.

The teachers need principles to be there for them and create a good school and work environment for them. The principle and other higher school administrators directly shape the way the teachers affect the students. It’s a domino effect; this should have been realized long ago. A happy work environment breeds happy customers, well in this case, happy students. The happier the students are the better the school ratings are and the student’s grades will be. Positivity is contagious and by reforming the Missouri schools teacher and principle relationships and other schools teacher and principle relationships across the nation, it will affect the students in a good way. If you have a teacher that loves their job and loves their work environment, they radiate positivity and make the students to feel more comfortable and secure while in school. If the students feel comfortable in class or in school they will have a better view of education and school. They will actually want to go to school and want to do well in school. By keeping the teachers happy and the students happy, the students will have a better outlook on education and want to complete higher education which will create better school ratings for their high schools and enhance our economy by having more and more college level trained individuals in our workforce.

School principle can avoid bad school ratings by simply reforming their relationships with the school teachers. If they create ways to make the teachers happy and make their opinions count towards the greater good of the school, then the schools with succeed and have better school ratings in turn.

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