iPads Make it to K-12 Schools

Patricia Hawke

The New York City Public Schools ordered more than two thousand iPads for a total cost of 1.3 million for school districts such as Long Island and the Bronx. Teachers all over the country are finding so many uses for the applications that apple offers on their application store. Especially for math, teachers are finding hat the kids are learning so much more with these devise because not only is it capturing their attention and making them want to earn math, but it is turning a really “boring’ subject into a fun and exciting adventure. Back in the day we had programs on old computers that would help us with spelling, and the English language and now they are coming out with exciting math programs.

They have games on the iPads that are like jeopardy and ask questions for you to answer, to test your knowledge. They also have step by step animated diagrams and explanations of complex math problems and formulas. This is so helpful for the students because they are able to learn something new on their own, instead of having to listen to a lecture on problems and risk “falling asleep in class.” This invention of the ipad made it possible for teachers to give their students a great advantage in their classes and helping the teachers evaluations go up, because of how well the students are doing in class and how much fun they are having while learning.

Each student gets an iPad in these districts and they are to sue these iPads at home and at school. At home they use the iPads to replace textbooks and completely do their assignments from the ipad and submit them to their teachers on the ipad. What’s great is the ipad will store a record of the students turned in assignments so nothing can go awry with a teacher losing an important assignment and the student getting a fail for that assignment because it’s the teachers word against theirs. This makes turning in assignments a breeze and helps students to organize their already hectic school life. Technology is helping so much with education and the ipad is just one of the inventions that schools are turning to technology-wise, to enhance their schools and get better school ratings. The better the school is rated the higher their budget will be to make the school an even better and more technological place.

Some people argue that an ipad doesn’t have enough evidence that it actually helps kids learn better or faster with this device, they say the school districts 1.3 million dollars would have been better spent on the teachers and furthering their education and teaching skills, rather than purchasing an extravagance. This could hold true to some points, why in this economy does a school who already is in debt feel that It is ok to spend that kind of money on devise that are not necessary? If in the long run these devices help the students and help their test scores go up, then the school will get great ratings.

Patricia Hawke is a staff writer for Schools K-12, providing free, in-depth reports on all U.S. public and private K-12 schools. For more information please visit Long Island School Ratings and Public Schools