Common Core Standards for Education

Patricia Hawke

The United States has been lacking in coming up with better standards for our schools. Their standards for education have always been less than the standards of other higher performing nations worldwide. If schools are seeing a pattern that students nationwide aren’t getting the grades that they should be or they aren’t scoring at an overall acceptable level than their must be a major changed in how are children are being taught. A lot of people like to blame the teachers for not teaching their children the right way, or blame the schools but overall the blame falls on the lacking of higher standards for the United States Education. Minnesota schools realized this and are working towards adjusting the common core standards and helping their schools begin to do better.

If schools are all upholding to our current standards and still not seeing improvement then it’s obvious that the common core standards need to be changed. Currently schools are beginning to test out different programs and different teaching styles to see what works best for our students. They are trying new educational technologies such as iPods, iPads, interactive whiteboards, 3-d projectors, new computer programs and even video games to assist in the classrooms with education. Out students are being test subjects while the education system figures out what works best and what todays generation of students really need in their education for them to be successful and score higher on standardized tests. The United States needs to reform their education standards so we can begin to keep up with the technologies the rest of the world is.

Minnesota schools are beginning to make it a point to get the tools and materials that the teachers need in order to teach their students effectively. If all the teacher has to work with is a chalkboard and the student’s attention, that wont be enough for the students in todays generation. Today’s generation demands technology, and different technological devices to assist them with their studies. Because the world is now run by technologies, the schools need to live up to that as well by teaching their students with technology and reforming the current education standards to require technology to be utilized in every classroom. Bu requiring the use of technology in the classrooms, students will be able to relates with their school assignments and projects much better than the old fashion paper and pencil way of doing schoolwork. They will be more engaged in the classroom, more interested in learning what the teacher is teaching them and more excited to see what they will be learning next, all because of the incorporation of technology. Technology is always changing and never dull so students will be able to learn the basics of technology and take that with them throughout their life. By reforming the common core standards to get the teachers what they need to create a successful path for their students and requiring technology to be utilized in the classrooms, the United States will begin to see a positive change in the students standardized testing scores and school ratings nationwide.

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