Blended learning in Portland

Patricia Hawke

Portland schools are beginning to bring blended learning into their schools. Blended learning consists of traditional school, mixed with new technology such as technological education devices, online classes, Internet based applications to assist students with their studies and more. Portland schools want to integrate technology into their classes so their students can get the most out of their education while attending their schools. The better the students do in school and the more successful they are in their studies, the better Portland school ratings will be. Blended learning has come a long way, from giant computers using DOS to now small iPods and the World Wide Web and Internet; educational technology has come a long way. Students now can utilize educational technology in so many different ways and they can use different devices to accommodate different learning styles. Portland schools want the best for their students and are willing to incorporate different types of educational technology into their classrooms to create a successful learning environment for the students.

Portland schools are beginning to offer online classes for their students. They can decide if they want to take certain subjects online or in an actual classroom setting. They are no longer bound to one style of learning. In the past their only option was either to be homeschooled or to go to a traditional school but now that technology has been growing, updating and changing, their are many more opportunities for students to have an individualized education. If a student does the math subject better on their own or if they feel that being in a traditional classroom setting would push them more to succeed, the students can pick and choose what type of education will suit their learning style. Because of blended learning students can now benefit from multiple types of learning and that just what Portland schools have realized. In order for Portland schools ratings to go up and their students succeed, its important for them to know that blended learning is a very beneficial way for students to learn. Not every student learns the same way or even just one way. A lot of students need different style of learning for each subject. Since schools are now offering separate subjects in either the traditional way or online, students now have the opportunity to create their own education plan.

Some students are better off taking online classes. If students learn better online, why should they be homeschooled and miss out of school activities with all of their friends. They now are creating online school programs that still consider the students a student at their high school so they are able to attend football games, school homecoming dances, prom and other activities that schools create. A downside of homeschooling in the past was the lack of socializing the student might have because they are isolated from school, but with blended learning, students can now have the best of both worlds by being able to attend both online school and a traditional school.

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