Washington D.C. Schools Going Green

Written by Patricia Hawke for www.schoolsk-12.com

There is a lot of talk going on these days on Capitol Hill. The Iraq War, relations with Iran, the environment, and the No Child Left Behind Act. Among all these topics, there is one that the school children attending Washington D.C. Schools are most passionate about…the environment.
Getting kids involved with saving the environment is not new. For years, we have educated them on the three Rs – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. In a continuing effort to raise responsible citizens, school systems across the nation have worked to educate our youngsters on the importance of working to protect the environment.
Washington D.C. Schools are no exception to this trend; they are, in fact, working to see its continuation. Many schools have recycling programs already in place, but when a school begins one for the first time, it is very exciting, for students, parents, teachers, and administrators alike. Local business and community leaders also get involved, and the sense of community that is derived from the common goal of protecting the earth is infectious.
Washington D.C. Schools Recycle
Students at one of the Washington D.C. Schools – Key Elementary – have begun the new school year with an intensive, school-wide recycling program. A Green Committee was formed last year by parents and staff in an effort to promote environmental awareness, action, and education. Raising community awareness is an important first step in helping the young people of Washington D.C. Schools understand the necessity of protecting natural resources.
It’s encouraging to know that Washington D.C. Schools are working hard to be an example to the rest of the nation’s school children; one hopes that all schools will be willing and able to follow suit. While there are some who say that the impending troubles in regards to the environment are a lot of hooey, most people agree that we have squandered our resources and that it’s time to do something about it. It is ridiculous to assume that tomorrow’s leaders – those who are the children of Washington D.C. Schools, as well as those of schools across the United States – can handle the problems when they are grown. The problem of the wasting of our earth must be addressed now, so that our children can continue the work we have begun. Educating our school children attending Washington D.C. Schools and elsewhere is simply a necessary cog in the wheel of the progression towards a better world for all.
Parents and staff of this member of Washington D.C. Schools will begin the recycling program at the end of September, 2007. They will focus not only on the three Rs, but also on energy and water conservation, more healthy and sustainable food options for Washington D.C. Schools cafeterias, environmental outreach and community service, bulk ordering of Washington D.C. Schools classroom supplies, green purchasing of non-toxic cleaners, sustainable landscaping and an environmental speaker series. While these are indeed many points for the Washington D.C. Schools Committee to commit to, they are necessary. They are integral to educating Washington D.C. Schools children about the need to go green.