Use of iPads in San Diego Schools

Patricia hawke

San Diego schools have begun to implement iPads into a few schools in the county to assist students in their classes. The results from integrating the iPads into the curriculum have been great and by using these devices during school to help the students to understand the concepts of the programs they are studying and utilizing educational applications on the iPads, students are getting better grades on tests and in their classes. Not only do these technological devices help the students to become more inclined to want to learn and study but also it will help them to learn the educational concepts more in depth and make the students more comfortable in the classroom. Because students are around technology every day weather it be their cell phones, video gaming, Internet use, Microsoft computer applications, handheld videogame software, interactive TV and so much more, by schools adding more and more technology into the classroom the students can feel comfortable and be at ease when learning new information. The students will be more confident to ask questions, or even search for the answers within the educational applications that the iPad offers, The students also will have the desire to want to search for the answers themselves because of the confidence they have with the technology and that will teach them independence and life long lessons of learning to solve problems on their own. By teaching students independence and giving them devices that will help students to grow in this area, students will be able to become confident in many life lessons and feel more prepared to make decisions on their life after high school and set educational goals for their future.

The iPad comes with many great educational apps for children. During the school year, the teachers will have already downloaded all the educational applications they want their students to focus on and the students can also download more educational applications and educational games. They can use the iPad to study at home and go back and forth between applications and preloaded educational videos and go over them as many times until they get the point and understand the concepts. This is great because it makes the student feel in control of their education and feel that they are having fun while learning and able to utilize the educational properties of the iPad until they get the concepts. The students that have been using the iPads in the San Diego schools have said there are so many benefits with the device, but one of the main benefits is that its so great because it has all the resources in one place that they need. They can go from the internet to an educational application, to an educational game, to an educational video, then jump over to email to email their teacher if they have additional questions, and of course, so much more, Technology is always changing and new applications are always being added into apples application store on the iPad so these devices will be handy for the students for years to come!

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