United States Education Lacking in Substance

Patrica Hawke

Sacramento Schools in California are realizing the standard that the Unite states has for the public school system is extremely low. While other schools around the world have a standard of 220 days of school per year, the United States only has 180 days of school per year. No only are our school years much shorter than those of other countries, but we don’t have a very difficult public school curriculum. The public school just requires students to get a 60% or higher in their classrooms to be considered passing and go on to the next class or school year level. Now a days because of the distractions with technology, stunts are being less and less involved in heir school and not wanting to participate in school functions such as football games, outside school activities, school talent shows, plays and volunteer opportunities. Because students are becoming less competitive for their schools ad not attending sporting events and other after school activities, students are losing school spirit and losing the concept of high school and how much fun it potentially can be. Ten years ago you wouldn’t be able to see a few feet in front of you while walking to you seat at a high school football game because of how many students were their to support their high school, both sides, home and away. Now the high school basketball games, football games, water polo tournaments and wrestling matches are basically empty except for a few friends and family members of the players. If schools could create more excitement around these events and offer certain prizes and fun raffles at these events maybe they could get their students to have more school spirit. In turn this would help raise money for their school and help their budget in this horrible economic time.

Also by getting more and more parents involve in the school activities, this would also motivate the students to do well in school. The more the parents know about the school and what is going on, the more they can help their children to do goo in school and plan for their future. By knowing what programs he schools offer and what colleges would be best for their student to attend they can help their child to plan for college and take the right classes in high school to help their children to succeed and help their children to set goals. Another way that United States school can help their pubic education to grow in substance is that they can take the politics out of the education. Because this horrible economy is effecting the states so much, the states are taking it out on the schools, because the schools is where a huge amount of the states taxes go to. The government needs to step up and take care of the public school system because it’s not fair to the students that the schools are being effected negatively and they re forced to have large class sizes and a weak education.

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