Tips for Test Taking in Detroit Schools

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Detroit Schools are offering tips for parents and students taking tests.  Tests, regular and standardized, are supposed to accurately measure how well a child has mastered his or her subjects in school.  However, Detroit Schools also understand how stressful a test can be on some children and so they’re giving parents and students ideas on how to help prepare for test day.  Yes, parents can help.  Many parents are under the ridiculously false assumption that they aren’t able to help their child with homework or to prepare for a test.  Of course, this couldn’t be more wrong. 
Tips for Test Taking from Detroit Schools
There are three distinct stages of test-taking according to Detroit Schools: before the test, day of the test, and after the test.  Knowing what to do in each stage can be the most helpful in helping a child prepare for a test. 
Before the Test:  In the weeks before a test, parents should be asking to see their  child’s homework assignments.  Parents should sit down with their children and discuss the reasons why he or she thinks they are getting the questions wrong.  Parents should help children not just with answers to the questions but how those answers were arrived at. When a parent is stumped too, call the teacher.  Detroit Schools have gone to lengths ensuring that all on their teaching staff are highly qualified. Parents of Detroit students should not hesitate to call and ask questions regarding their child’s progress. 
Parents can also make sure that their child has adequate space to do homework in a quiet and well lit area.  A rule of thumb for home work, depending upon age is 20 minutes of study for each hour of class 5 days a week through Jr. High. In High School that number increases to 30 minutes. Friday and Saturday nights can be rest nights with Sunday through Thursday nights being study nights. Effort and accountability are key lessons parents can teach their children. Detroit Schools recommend that parents give lots of praise for a job well done.  The younger the child, the more he is actively seeking parental approval. 
Day of the Test:  On the day of the test, Detroit Schools recommend that parents make sure their child is well rested and well fed with a hearty breakfast.  Studies have shown that a student who has eaten breakfast performs better on tests.  Also parents should be sure that the student arrives to school on time and is calm and relaxed.  Reassure him that everything will go well and that he or she is ready.  Also parents should re assure that as long as their child has done their best, everything will turn out alright.  Detroit Schools will take it from there!
After the Test:  After the test is graded and sent home, parents should go over it with their children.  Detroit Schools wants parents to ask their children questions about the test.  If the student marked a question wrong but knows the right answer, there might be an underlying problem.  Concerned parents should contact their teacher. Detroit Schools welcomes calls to teachers, principals, or counselors in order to resolve any problems.   
Taking an active role in a child’s education is a parental responsibility!  
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