Texas School Ratings Fall

Patrica Hawke

Texas schools have always prided themselves in having excellent school ratings and parents could always rely on Texas schools to provide their students with the best education possible. When looking for a school for your child to attend, it is a big decision. Families choose homes in areas that good schools are near and within the district; so having the best school for your child to attend is always a top priority. How do you know if a certain school is going to be a good school for your child? You do research on all, the schools in your area and find out which schools have the best ratings. Texas schools have always had great rating and a new ratings procedure just came up and now Texas school ratings have fallen immensely. In the past Texas school districts would get a break on their ratings if students failed standardized testing. What they would do in the past if the students failed the standardized testing, they looked at their past grades and predicted how they would do in future classes instead of basing the standardized test score solely on how the school was rated. Because of this the Texas school ratings were very high because the number of students failing the tests who also failed classes in school were lower.

They are now switching the way the schools in Texas are rated. Instead of basing them on predictions on how they might do in the future, Texas schools are basing them on how they score on their standardized testing. This is the way schools have been basing their schools ratings for years now, so it’s about time Texas schools started fairly rating their schools. To prepare students for the standardized testing, it is through good and effective teachers in a daily basis teaching the students and preparing them for these standardized testing that students do well on these tests. If schools don’t have sufficient or effective teachers then they are not going to do well on the standardized testing. Texas schools are now going to have to find other ways to make sure their rating stay up, since in the past because of the way their schools were evaluated and rated, they became lazy when it came to making sure they had the best teachers and their students were able to feel comfortable with what they are being taught and do well in school. A part of this has to do with the fact that schools need better systems of evaluating their teachers. Instead of evaluating them based on seniority and when schools are faced to make budget cuts they make them based on who has been there the longest. Once they reform this was of evaluating teachers, then the schools can have a chance and making their ratings go up once again. The better the teachers, the more motivated the students are to do well in school and on their standardized testing and the more the school, will push to make sure their teacher and students have all the resources they need to get good standardized scores.

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