Teens Missing Too Much Sleep

Patricia Hawke

At a time where sleep is needed more than ever, teenagers aren’t getting enough of it. The Kansas City Star reported that new research has found that by using technological devices it has distracted the teens enough to bother there sleep. Weather the device is a cell phone, a television, a video game console, The Internet or mp3 players; they are taking away from things such as exercise and sleep. All of this lack of sleep is affecting the students in school. They are more tired in the morning and can’t focus during school. This results in lower test scores and not so good grades.
Teenagers need a good nights sleep for their body’s to rejuvenate and be ready for the next school day. If they are laying in bed texting all of there friends, talking to their friends, going on mobile Facebook or downloading useless applications from popular application stores on mobile phones they will not go to sleep. Not only will they literally fall asleep with their phone in their hand, they maybe get three to four hours of sleep, when a teenager needs at least eight to function properly in school. This distraction is even more of a threat to their goodnights sleep because most students can’t get a full deep sleep in because they are hearing their text message ringtone go off while they are sleeping, or their phone ringing, or their phone vibrating because of missed Facebook messages or games that they play on their phone. They sleep light to be able to see these red LED lights blinking on their phones or see the screen light up because of a text message. A student’s best bet is to turn of their device before they go to sleep to ensure they get a good night sleep with no distractions. Just a hint, if your phone has your school alarm on it, your phone will turn itself on to wake you up in the morning, but just to be safe, go buy an old school five dollar alarm clock at your local electronics store.
Not only cell phones are to blame for students not getting enough sleep to function properly during the school day. Television, video games and the Internet are common distractions after nine P.M that are contributing to student’s loss of sleep on school nights. With the creation of Facebook, students are addicted to updates their statuses and checking to see what others are doing, this activity could go on for hours and students do lose a lot of sleep from browsing Facebook. Digital Video Recorders haven’t made life easier for the sleep-deprived teen either. They can record all their favorite shows while they are at school or other events outside of the home and after doing homework and having dinner, they can get captivated at the television for hour watching their recorded shows.
Technology is great and has made life so much easier in so many ways for students, with the creation of online classes, eReaders and access to pretty much anything from the web to assist with school needs. This technology is becoming so distracting that its interfering with students sleep and effecting their school focus the next day, there needs to come a time when everything gets powered down.
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