Teachers Ratings Publicized

Patricia Hawke

In the Houston Independent School District and many other districts nationwide, teachers are beginning to be rated on how their student’s score on the tests they provide. It seems rational to test teacher’s way of teaching by testing their students on how well and how much they have learned in their class. The Los Angeles Times published an online database compiling more than 6000 elementary school students together in a comparative way to see how well their students did on tests on subjects that they had taught them. This is basically a statistical method that people are using to compare the effectiveness of one teacher to another.
Effective teachers are hard to find now a day. Students have so many subjects to learn on a daily basis and it’s important for the student’s sake, for ineffective teachers not to waste their time. A student in elementary, middle and high school has a brain that is ready to mold and absorb so much information, why would we want anything less than effective teachers for our youth? We know that the union protects the ineffective teachers from being fired and this is a huge flaw. The unions are protecting these parasites in the education system and prevent schools from doing what’s best for the next generation. We need the bad teachers out and the best effective teacher in to teach our students. Isn’t the next generation the generation that will soon be running our country? We need a change and we need a change now.
With school ratings, it goes off of the schools subjects all around test scores. Teachers haven’t been rated this way before. It seems practical to go to the source and find out exactly why students aren’t learning like the should, but does comparing some teachers students test scores going to really determine if the teacher is an effective teacher? Maybe. In a way by running statistics on teachers students test scores, the district will know if the student is having the desire to get good grades. Half of the battle for a teacher is getting its students excited about learning and actually wanting to learn. The other half is the actual teaching. A student can absorb everything the teacher is teaching and learn a lot from the teacher, but if that student doesn’t care about his or her grades, then what Is the benefit of having statistics that run off of students tests scores really saying about the teacher? Its either saying they can’t teach, or they can’t get the student to want to do good in school.
By having a newspaper compile these 6000 teachers ratings based off their students test scores online, the teachers might get a well-needed wake up call. Weather the wake up call is to teacher better, learn a more effective way of teaching, or just simply to get the kids excited about getting good grades and getting them excited about planning a life with extended education, then this way of rating the teachers is working. Regardless, it’s getting the teachers to step up their game and begin to make changes for the better.
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