Teacher Unions

Written by Patricia Hawke for www.schoolsk-12.com

We all know that Teacher Unions sometimes protect the teachers that don’t deserve to be protected. A lot of things the teacher union protects are not helping the students to succeed. Teacher Unions keep teachers that have been around for the longest safe from being laid off where the new teachers that have a fresh mind and are so excited to teach the youth are laid off. Sadly tenure is something that the union’s prize and its no wonder that our students aren’t getting the education they need. Not all teachers that have been around for a long time are bad, but the majorities lose their excitement and drive to really do their job well. A lot of states are beginning to make change in their education system as it is very well needed to protect our youth. The state legislatures in Tennessee, Wisconsin and Indiana are considering new bills that would eliminate teacher’s collective bargaining right in negotiating contracts.

Its very important for the sake of our youth that the teachers are effective and our children are getting the best education that they can. By keeping ineffective teachers in the system because of their tenure, not there teaching skills doesn’t do our children any good. They come home with less than satisfactory grades and we have to take into account that maybe its not our kids, maybe they don’t have a teacher that is teaching them in the way they need to be taught. Ineffective teachers are what are keeping out children from succeeding in school, we need to stop the unions from protecting them and get the unions to protect the effective teachers. There are many ways that teachers are evaluated in schools. One way that they are thinking of implementing to evaluate teachers is evaluating them on how well a student scores on a test. As this would seem to be the correct way to find out if a teacher is actually being effective, people argue that it is the students motivation if they want to do good on tests. Students can learn a subject flawlessly but lack motivation to do well on tests, maybe their parents at home don’t care, or they want to be “cool” and normal like everyone else. Regardless of their excuse, people argue that test scores only show the students motivation to learn.

Teachers need to be a key component on getting students to be motivated to do well in school. They need to be someone that their students look up to and can trust. If a student looks up to their teachers and trusts them, then they will be motivated to excel in school and want to go on to higher education. Altogether, teacher unions protect the ineffective teachers and protect the teachers with tenure regardless if that teacher is actually effective. Our children deserve to have effective teachers and have a great start at having a successful education. Once the system changes and teacher unions are reformed, we can all start to sleep better knowing our children are in good hands.

Patricia Hawke is a staff writer for Schools K-12, providing free, in-depth reports on all U.S. public and private K-12 schools. For more information please visit Tennessee School Rankings and Public Schools