Teacher Layoffs Based on Seniority

Patrica Hawke

In Los Angeles, a judge ruled that with budget cuts, teacher layoffs must limit cuts based in seniority of teachers. In the past the rule has always been that the last teacher hired gets laid off first, this policy is called the last hired, first fired policy. This policy seems like a fair policy on paper, but in reality, this policy is not fair. By going with the last hired, first fired policy based on teacher seniority, this does a disservice to students, California schools are beginning to make a reform on the last hired, first fired policy based on the ruling by the Los Angeles judge. The most important thing for the students is to have effective teachers and if they are laying off teachers based solely on the fact that they have been there the shortest amount of time, this doesn’t do anything for the students, and the students is what schools are there for, right?

Effective teachers are so important for students because it gives them a high quality education. If students don’t get a high quality education, then it affects our United States workforce down the line. The better a student’s education, the better college they will attend and the better job they will get in the long run. Its important for students to have effective teachers so that they can in turn, help our economy to prosper in the long run. A good education is key to helping students to want to have the drive to succeed and do well in school and continue on to a higher education. In order for students to have a good education, they must have effective teachers. Effective teachers are the glue that holds a god education together. Students with effective teachers will succeed in school and have more goals and get better grades than those students who have ineffective teachers. Unfortunately this flawed system of last hired, first fired policy regarding budget cuts and teacher lay offs makes it hard to keep around the truly effective teachers. Just because a teacher is newer doesn’t mean that they should be fired first. The newer teachers might be more effective than the older teachers based solely on the fact that they are fresh out of school and might be more determined to help students succeed than those teachers who are on the verge of retirement and mentally done with their job. It’s always good to have new and fresh ideas when it comes to education. The more god teacher’s schools are laying off, the worse the California school ratings will be. California schools realized this and thankfully the Los Angeles judge ruled that schools need to limit seniority based teacher lay offs. If we want our children to have a good education and for schools to be giving the most to their students education wise, schools need to reform the way that teachers are fired and the way they are evaluated, to keep California school ratings positive.

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