Teacher Evaluations

Patricia Hawke

A new study is being practiced in districts across the United States. Teacher evaluation is a very important part of their jobs and its important for teachers to be challenged to keep things fresh. There are many types of evaluations. There can be someone hired to “grade” how effective they are as a teacher and also by studying the test scores that the teacher’s students are producing critique evaluations in the classroom. The New York City Department of Education is among the districts that are participating in this study that will determine if evaluating a teachers students performance on tests is really a way to test a teacher and how well they are effectively teaching their students.

In a way it seems unfair to evaluate teacher based on their students test scores, every school has their “bad seeds” that don’t care about school and guess all C’s on the multiple choice tests, or make funny designs out of the scantrons. Regardless of how amazing a teacher is, there will always be these students that just don’t care. Some students pride themselves on getting straight A’s and bringing home their report cards to their parents and some children’s parents are too busy with work, or other engagements to worry about school. So in a way, parents hold a lot of accountability when it comes to their children’s education ethics.

While its so easy to blame everyone else for the students performance at the same time it stems down to what they are taught at home or by any of the role models in their life. Sometimes all a student has is their teachers to look up to if their family home environment isn’t as good. When this situation arises, its important for teachers to speak to these students and try and motivate these “bad seeds.” The teachers do hold a lot of accountability when it comes to students test scores because they are the ones responsible for these students to actually learn. If a student is guessing on a test because of lack of caring or because they want to rebel, it could be because the teachers also aren’t doing their job to properly motivate the students. Now this would be a reason as to why test scores is a good way of evaluating a teacher’s performance. Not only does evaluating the teachers based on test scores find out if the material they are teaching their students on a daily basis is actually sticking and they are actually learning something, but it also evaluates if the teachers are properly motivating the students to want to learn and want to do good in school.

If the teachers are motivating their students and teaching them about life after school and integrating goal planning into their lesson plans, the students will want to do good in school and want to do good on tests. In turn this evaluation method will really show if the teachers are being effective not only in teaching the students material but also giving them the motivation to wanting to better their future.

Patricia Hawke is a staff writer for Schools K-12, providing free, in-depth reports on all U.S. public and private K-12 schools. For more information please visit New York City School Ratings and Public Schools