Strengthening Home-School

Patricia Hawke

In St. Louis, their public schools are starting a program that connects home-schooled students with the district and their teachers. By creating this program called Schoolwires, students will have access to an online community to be able to interact with other educators and be involved in the community. Home schooling is beginning to be much different from the past. Instead of getting packets from the school district that need to be completed and having textbooks to read over, it is turning into an online wonderland of endless content. They are now able to log on to an online community that the home schooled student can see content from multiple educators.
By having access to this online community of educators and district officials, the home-schooled student is able to get many different perspectives on lesson plans and homework. Instead of having to rely on a text book, the home schooled student can now email educators and get instant help with any question that arise during a normal school day for them. They are able to have access to content uploaded by school officials that could help them understand their subjects better. By having this online educational network, it makes it much easier for the home-schooled student to stay connected.
It’s very important for students to have social life, as well as an education. By creating social skills, the students will take this with them throughout their life. Weather it is in a job environment or social interaction, social skills are extremely helpful in life. Home-schooled student are not constantly around peers or able to debate or communicate with others on a day-to-day basis, so they need a way to get involved with other students. By creating this website, it is constantly updated by school educators and district officials to provide the home schooled student with vital information that is missed by them not attending a physical school. They update the website with certain after school programs they could attend, community events such as picnics, or holiday parties and other educational tools that could help the student throughout their time home schooling.
Not only does Schoolwires give the student a chance to be a part of their community, but it also helps their grades as well. By giving them access to multiple teacher’s lesson plans and online educational tools, the home-schooled student can potentially learn more and get better grades. This student achievement helps the students to feel proud of themselves and what they were able to achieve. It also helps the districts ratings to go up because of the achievements their home schooling program is acquiring.
By using Schoolwires, home-schooled students, for the first time, will be able to feel a more sense of belonging. They are able to be more involved in the district and feel lie they are a part of the community. For a home schooled student where home is all they know, Schoolwires gives home schooled students the chance to break the monotony of home school and get them out into the community.
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