Strategic Goals in Arizona Schools

Patricia Hawke

Arizona Schools have made a plan to help the overall quality of their schools by 2013.  It isn’t just through making sure that their students are the best they can be, though.  Arizona Schools are ensuring that their faculty and staff are the best they can be in order to provide your child with the education that he or she deserves.  There are four very specific goals that Arizona Schools wish to accomplish in order to ensure academic excellence for all of their students. 
The Four Goals of Arizona Schools
Goal One:  Arizona Schools want to advance improvements to public education by creating leaders in their schools.  They are calling on talented professionals in the teaching field to lead their students to excellence.  How are they doing this?  Arizona Schools are making sure that all teachers meet their defined guidelines and standards. These guidelines and standards have been rewritten in an attempt to make them more fair and reasonable while also making the teachers more accountable. Arizona is also promoting all ideas from staff that can enhance the educational community.
Goal Two:  Arizona is offering support to those schools that need to achieve extraordinary performance.  They are providing this support through technical assistance and enhancement aimed at improving and modernizing the school learning environment.  This effort will ensure that all Arizona Schools receive the help they need to obtain and maintain a modern and successful learning opportunity for their students. 
Goal Three:  Arizona Schools want to be accountable financially and academically.  They are assessing all students and making the reports public, monitoring the school as a whole and making those reports public as well. The state is ensuring that all educators are meeting the standards set forth by the state.  This is quite an effort. Long time educators are being required to make changes and this causes the expected resistance from some.
Goal Four:  Customer service is the last goal of Arizona Schools. The state understands that providing parents and the community with reliable information and services is the only way than the state and local schools can get the support needed from the community.  The state is viewing the community as a client or customer and working to obtain and maintain community opinions of its schools high.
Overall, it is great that Arizona Schools are taking such a good initiative to creating better schools.  Many school districts are relying solely on the achievement of their students to bring up their standing in the community rather than working on the internal problems.  By focusing internally and also viewing the community as a client or customer, they are rebuilding from the inside out and becoming better able to provide your child with a quality education.  Support your local school by keeping in contact and offering your support.  They are on their way to making sure that all of their goals are met, but extra parental involvement can always help because it shows them that the community is standing behind what they are doing.