Stimulus in Colorado Schools Brings Broadband to Rural Homes

Patricia Hawke

Colorado schools are reaching out to nearby homes in their school district. They are bringing broadband services to the families located near the schools. Not everyone has Internet access for multiple reasons. It could be that a family is not very technically inclined or because a family can’t afford to have Internet connection at their home. Whatever the reason is, having access to broadband Internet while at home is very valuable to a student and their education. Since a lot of education and school projects, homework, classwork or extra credit work all revolve around some sort of technology, whether this technology is a movie, PowerPoint presentation or the internet itself, they all are very helpful to students. By having access to this technology at home it will ensure that students are more confident in their work and provide endless learning opportunities for them.

It very important for Colorado schools to give the best they possibly can to its students. Not only is it good for Colorado school ratings, but also it is good in general for the students to get good grades and help them to learn the information more quickly and easily. Colorado schools know that when students have access to this broadband Internet at home, it could only mean good things. We know there are distractions on the Internet, such as social medias like MySpace, twitter and Facebook, but these social medias can also be of educational assistance to students. Colorado school teachers can have Facebook account and create pages for their students to be able to access that have updates classroom information, upcoming tests, new project information, tips on great educational websites and so much more. By having access to internet not only benefits the students in being able to connect with teachers, they can also connect with fellow classmates and discuss school work and become more confident in their studies.

Schools always pride themselves in the achievements and the ratings they receive. It’s very important to schools to get good ratings and Colorado Schools are no different. Not only do school ratings make the school stand out, but it makes parents want to send their kids to highest rated schools. Colorado school ratings are important to parents because it makes them feel secure about sending their child to a school and feeling comfortable with the fact that the teachers in that school are going to take care of their children, challenge them, help them to succeed in school and use new technological devices to enhance their children’s educational experience. By bringing the broadband to the homes surrounding the school, Colorado school ratings will definitely go up because they are actually putting action to their plan. They created something that some people don’t have access to or cant afford, and making it a reality. Broadband Internet is so vital to students to be able to give them the resources they need to enhance their education and succeed in school.

Patricia Hawke is a staff writer for Schools K-12, providing free, in-depth reports on all U.S. public and private K-12 schools. For more information please visit Colorado School Rankings and Public Schools