Southern California’s Lawsuit over Fees

Patrica Hawke

Public school have always been free, parents never have to pay out of pocket to send their children to school. Usually the choice between sending their children to a public of private school, the decision coms down to the price and what the family can afford. Public schools are known to have a more relaxed approach to education, less demanding dress code and generally less classes offered compared to private schools. Public school essentials such as textbooks and classes are supposed to be free and students borrow their textbooks for the year from the library and return them at the end of the year. The only way they should face any payment consequences is if they lost their textbook or it is damaged in a way where the book can no longer be of use to another student. Private schools have always offered students more and that’s why parents choose to have their children attend private schools rather than public. Private schools have a strong focus of human morals and religious studies. They also require the students to adhere to a strict dress code policy, which may require school uniforms. The classes the private schools offer are more advanced and their teachers are usually more specifically trained in their subjects. The question is, would you have your children attend public schools if you knew there was going to be fees involved? Because of the bad school ratings that public schools have been getting because of their lack of advanced classes, well trained teachers and large class sizes parents are more likely to look into private schools, just so their children can get a better education. For profit schools such as private schools often are better because parents don’t have to worry about how their children are going to do in school and if the classes will be at their level. Because of the smaller class sizes that private schools offer, students can get better and more trained teachers to give them individualized attention to help the students who have a harder time keeping up with other students paces a chance at getting better grades in school, being able to understand certain subjects concepts and this will result in the school having better school rating and happier parents, giving them peace of mind that their children are in good hands at their school.

Southern California schools are currently in the middle of a lawsuit over the fees they have been placing on the students and their parents. The fees they are trying to charge the students and parents are fees that normally the schools should cover and should be part of the students right to a free public education. Just like it was mentioned before, why would parents want to pay for something that should already be free? Thirty-five school districts in Southern California are trying to charge parents for courses such as art, home economics and music, instead of offering them for free like they are supposed to. They are also charging parents for AP tests and materials for gym. These also would be free since AP tests rely on the student’s grades in the class. The bottom line is, if parent had to pay for school, why wouldn’t they just send their children to private school?

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