Sex and Parents in Denver Schools

Written by Patricia Hawke for

Denver Schools want parents to know just how powerful they are in educating their own children.  Parents are a student’s rock and their foundation for learning.  Parents are obligated to provide their children with education even when their students are not inside the school system. The  Denver Schools especially wants to educate parents on the power they hold over their children with regards to simple conversations and are encouraging parents to talk to their students about sex at an age that they feel is most appropriate. 
Denver Schools’ Tips for Talking to Your Child about Sex
Denver Schools understand how awkward the “sex talk” can be between a parent and their child.  But, they also know that parents talking to their children about sex can play a very important role in his or her sexual development in future years.  Typically, the more open and honest parents are now, the better educated the child will be later. Denver Schools offer tips o parents to engage in a discussion about sex with their children:
Age Levels:  The child’s age and maturity level should be a major factor in knowing the right time to talk with them.  Parents should make the talk gear toward their level of maturity.  A younger child might not need to know all the details that an adolescent might need to know.  Denver Schools suggest that parents keep the language as simple as possible for younger children. 
Start Early:  Denver Schools suggests that parents start talking to their children at an early age.  They stress that the talk should not simply be about intercourse, however.  They need to know how the body matures as well.  A younger child will be more curious about the differences between genders than intercourse.  Denver Schools encourage parents to be sure they use the correct names for all body parts when trying to explain these differences.  It will help to avoid confusion.
Be Available:  After parents speak to their children, Denver Schools suggests that parents mention that their children can always come to them if they ever have any questions.  It is also encouraged to recognize the one parent talk with their child that it is over.  Different talks held at different stages of life are the best way for a child to learn the intricacies about sex.  In fact, the earlier a parent starts with their child the easier it will be as they grow up and can understand more.  Remember that children know when something makes a parent uncomfortable, so parents should treat discussions on the body and sex very matter-of-factly.  If children realize that talking about sex makes a parent feel uncomfortable, the child might not come to the parent if they have any additional questions. 
Overall, Denver Schools are encouraging parents to promote sexual education in the home in order to give parents the power to educate their children on very important topics.  The more strength one has as a parent, the better off the relationship with a child will be.