Schools uniforms and Orange County Schools

Written by Meenakshi Iyer for…

‘When employees of big retail chains wear a uniform to work every day, why can’t students in Orange County Schools do so too? What is this big fuss all about?’ This is what comes to most people’s minds when they hear about this debate.
Why is a Dress Code Policy not enough for Orange County Schools?
Will a comprehensive dress code not serve the purpose? Why do Orange County Schools have to go in for uniforms? Well, we need to think about how comprehensive and inclusive can a dress code policy get? These days, with increasingly fashion-conscious, peer-pressure-stricken children, and ever-changing fashion trends, how fool-proof can a dress code policy be? Obviously, the list of what is not allowed is going to much longer and more detailed than that of what is. So, isn’t it just so much easier to have uniforms for all children in Orange County Schools? Handling children who always manage to find a loophole in the policy is a drain on the authorities of Orange County Schools. Sure enough, this time and energy can be channeled towards improving the children’s math or reading skills!
Why are uniforms good for students in Orange County Schools?
Uniforms in Orange County schools have been long favored simply because uniforms are believed to do away with all differences between rich and poor students. Everybody is in similar-looking clothes thereby, reducing all possibilities of using clothes as a medium to show off how rich you are. Some parents and educators at Orange County Schools also believe that uniforms have a direct positive impact on their academic performance. They feel that having a uniform in place prevents their children from being distracted. Hence they focus more on studies and get better grades.
Most parents of children going to Orange County Schools subscribe to the idea of uniforms also simply because it saves them a lot of money. You can easily buy up to three or four sets of uniforms with the money that can buy you a year’s supply of casual clothing per child. Moreover, it saves them the hassle of them having to argue with their children every day on what is appropriate to wear to school.
Uniforms bring about a feeling of oneness and equality among students in Orange County Schools. It is wrongly accounted for as denial of the right to self-expression, which just does not make sense at all. No student loses his/her identity nor is their personality marred just because they wore a uniform to school. Uniforms are a practical solution to students, teachers and parents alike.
Compulsory uniforms for students in Orange County Schools will certainly be a step forward in the right direction.