School’s Competing for a Share in $3.4 Billion

Patricia Hawke

The United States Department of Education has announced a $3.4 Billion dollar incentive for schools across the nation. The state of Ohio is one of the finalist competing for this grant. The schools need to come up with ways to reform their school and create new programs designed to better enrich the student’s lives and learning abilities. The schools that create the most creative programs and intuitive learning courses will receive some of the share. This education stimulus is designed to give schools an incentive to reform their school and make it a top rated school. If a school has excellent programs and students are learning effectively, the schools ratings will soar.
The sad part of this is, schools need incentives to start to think about reforming their schools. They should already be hiring effective teachers and implementing fun programs and course programs to better enrich the student’s lives. It doesn’t cost any more to hire good teachers. Unfortunately, the union protects teachers that have been there for a long time, despite their teaching abilities, but when hiring new teachers, there needs to be a better process. Along with hiring new teachers, not only should schools look past the applying teachers college resume, but actually test them to see how they teach in a classroom setting. This will help eliminate hiring bad teachers and help schools to begin to get better ratings based on their effective teachers.
Part of this education stimulus will find programs that involve a lot of technology, as this is one of the most important revolutions in this day. Implementing technology into everyday school is a great way to keep students engaged and have the desire to go to school and learn more with technology devices. By learning about technology early in their school careers, it will follow them throughout their life.
Technology is expensive, and that’s why a lot of the schools competing for this stimulus money are creating programs that integrate a lot of technology into the everyday classroom setting. To keep up with the times schools need to add this into the curriculums because the kids these days are becoming more and more involved with technology on an everyday basis, and schools need to adjust to having technology readily available for all students. Why would a kid from this day an age have the desire to learn and attend a school that is behind the times and not challenging them enough mentally?
Kids now are more technologically inclined than their parents and therefore their teachers also. Teachers need to use some of these stimulus funds that they are awarded to fund courses designed for the teachers to give them a better understanding of technology and how to effectively implement it into the classroom. The more the teachers know about technology, the better they can challenge the students and actually teach them something they don’t know about it already.
The states that are finalists in the Race to the Top school grant competition are Arizona, South Carolina, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland, Louisiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Hawaii, Georgia, Florida, Colorado and California.
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