Schools Can Gain Student Interest With the Right Technology

Written by Patricia Hawke for

In Norfolk, Virginia schools, students are learning with software called Kidspiration 3. This program has been very beneficial to students because it helps develop thinking skills, literacy and numeracy skills by a proven learning method of visual learning. By using visual representations to learn math concept, this greatly helps students to memorize formulas and fully understand the math problems. This software has helped increase test scores in students and not math scores are in the eighty’s, which is a great improvement. With a subject like math, which students either love and are good at or dislike and are not so good at it this software helps students to want to engage in and learn math and other subjects because of the way the program is designed, with visual learning.

Not everybody is a visual learning, some students are hands on learners, some learn just be listening to lectures and group learning but by integrating the software into their everyday curriculum, it cant be of any harm. Its important to have a balance of different learning styles because a classroom consisting of twenty-five or more students will definitely have more that one type of “learner.” Schools are learning to create a balance in their classrooms and teach multiple learning styles to help engage and teach the students with different techniques. This gives all students a chance to learn the best way they know how. Also by teaching different styles and using different techniques when teaching, this will help students to keep their mind fresh and keep their attention. School can be redundant and students can lose focus, but with this Kidspiration software students are able to learn in different ways and have fun while learning.

Even with students that have severe learning disabilities, the Kidspiration software also teaches them. They are able to participate in the normal classroom lesson plans and are able to learn so much more. Students with learning disabilities have great visual learning skills and it help them to understand the lessons as well. This helps them to be more confident because they are able to keep up with the other students and learn at the same pace. Having a learning disability can be frustrating and its wonderful that this software has emerged that can help these students to have confidence and have a better relationship with their teachers and fellow classmates.

This software can be used with any subject, it helps create visual maps in history subjects and helps to organize events in history to give students easier ways to study and memorize these events. In biology, the Kidspiration software helps students to grasp difficult concepts like the functions if a cell and create visual representations to help the students to understand it better. They are able to visually compare different structures of the cell and get a better understanding of it, instead of reading text about it in a schoolbook. Software is improving everyday and anything that could assist student’s different learning abilities can only be a good thing.

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