Schoolnet and Educational Technology

Patricia Hawke

New York City schools have been using Schoolnet to effectively help their students to do better in school and get better grades for years and just recently Pearson PLC bought out the company. They are planning on continuing with the educational technology because they know how much schools in big cities use it such as; the School District of Philadelphia, New York City Public School Districts and Chicago Public School Districts. Many other school districts across the United States are using the Schoolnet system and tools that include educational technology to help the students to do better in school. Educational technology is so important to students in this generation because they are able to utilize technology in school to help them with their school work, they can utilize educational technology at home to help them with their homework or even go to the library in the school or the public library to assist students with their education. This generation of students needs more and more technology because that is how they are being brought up. In the old days students would play outside in the sunshine, the rain, the snow or any other type of weather to play hide and go seek with friends, tag, hop-scotch, draw on the streets with chalk and bike ride. This was the children on the past generations favorite pastimes. Now rain, sunshine, snow or cloudy weather, this generation of students stays inside most of their free time and plays on e computer, surfs the web, downloads music, chats with friends on Facebook, MySpace, twitter, form spring, plays video games, text messages their friends on their phone, downloads applications on their phone or iPods; they basically are inside with technology all the time.

Because of the amount of technology students use outside of school these days, schools decided that by adding more and more technology into the schools they are able to make the students more comfortable in school and more willing to learn. Students of this generation are eager to learn the newest and most technological device and become masters at it. They want the newest technology and want to utilize the technology to be able to have fun with it, use it for school and use it as a communication device. Since the schools started to add more and more technology into their schools, students have been more engaged in the classroom and are showing more interest in what they are learning. Teachers see a black and white difference when it comes to utilizing technology in the classroom or not. They notice that students seem happier, there is less absences and the students are starting to pay attention more because they are utilizing technological devices that they want to learn more about and these devices are helping them with their schoolwork and homework and making it easier for them to understand the subjects. This is the 21st century and its important to look at the new generations of students and change the curriculum according to how the newer generations learn.

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