Save on School Budgets Avoiding Layoffs

Patricia Hawke

There are many ways to avoid laying off teachers and other educational figures when a school is faced with budget cuts. Sometimes schools feel that cutting teachers are the easiest way to comply with budget cuts since each teacher’s salary is worth more than other things. By looking deeper into what the schools actually are spending and what they are spending it on, they can break down a lot of costs and lower and eliminate a lot of expenses.

Sometimes schools don’t realize that what they are spending their money on; there is free options to get the same job done. For instance, instead of schools sending out paper report cards home to all the students, the schools can give the parents log-ons on a school website so they are able to manage their kids grades there. This is great because it gives the parents options to be able to closely monitor their kids grades and find out which subjects they need further help or tutoring with by being able to manage their children’s grades online. Not only does this concept work with report cards, but schools can save on postage and save on paper, by sending out newsletters, announcements and reminders by email instead of by postal mail.

The Oregon City School District saved money on paper, ink and toner, which all carry a big price tag, by switching to a smart print server. What this does is instead of teachers or school officials being able to print whatever they want and however any complies they want and in any color they want, their printing needs are forwarded too the server and their printing is tracked to avoid teachers printing unnecessary items. The district also reduced printing cost by setting up a wiki for paperless data sharing, so that teachers and other learning communities nearby can collaborate.

Another way of schools getting the things they need and avoiding budget cuts is to take advantage of grants that are offered. A lot of schools become lazy and don’t take advantage of the great grants that are offered to schools. With just a little notification to students and a little organizing, schools can get students excited about grants and schools can get excited to win. In the past grant partners such as universities, colleges, businesses and organizations have offered things such as free college courses, laptop computers for the classrooms, schools supplies for the classrooms, field trips to different educational places and much more. Schools sometimes tend to get set in their ways and disregard the memos they get about the great grants that they have the opportunity of winning. Schools are going through a tough time economically and its important to take advantage of every little thing they can to keep their head above water and avoid cutting teachers and other school officials. The more educational figures and school officials and administrators we cut, the worse off our children are because of them having to deal with over crowded classrooms and less specialized attention.

Patricia Hawke is a staff writer for Schools K-12, providing free, in-depth reports on all U.S. public and private K-12 schools. For more information please visit Oregon School Rankings and Public Schools