Written by Patricia Hawke for www.schoolsk-12.com

Students attending Las Vegas Schools who are need of special programs need not fear they will be ignored. In fact, every single student attending one of the many Las Vegas Schools can count on the fact that there is at least one, if not more, programs in place to serve their educational needs. These are magnet programs, special education, accelerated/honors programs, as well as other programs to support transitional bilingual students, and specialty learning experiences including “Safe and Drug Free Schools”, “School-to-Careers” and “Math and Science Enhancement”.
Available to all students, Las Vegas Schools magnet programs are schools where students have many different choices in areas of study. Choices include aerospace and aviation, information technologies, performing and fine arts, communications, law prepatory programs, health services, travel and tourism, and engineering. Any student may apply to attend one of these magnet programs. Of course, they are not all offered at every grade level; but students who have decided on a career pathway that matches with these offerings can attend one of these schools confident in the knowledge that they will be preparing themselves for the future. Offering a choice in which of the Las Vegas Schools a student attends helps make the learning experience more valuable, and one that students and their families are more likely to stick with.
There are many students attending Las Vegas Schools that are in need of special education programs. Services are provided for Las Vegas Schools students with
disabilities ages 3 to 21. School teams collaborate with families to offer quality learning experiences and prepare students with disabilities for life after school. Neighborhood schools are the focus for providing services, and a full range of options are available
to meet students’ needs. Disabilities can include students with learning disabilities such as dyslexia, those with mental, physical, and emotional handicaps. These kids cannot be ignored by the school system, and deserve the best Las Vegas Schools education they can possibly get.
Beginning in 3rd grade, students attending one of the elementary Las Vegas Schools can participate in a “Gifted and Talented Education Program” offered to students in grades
3-5, students can be submitted to enter the program through parent or teacher request. Las Vegas Schools students being considered for this program are typically evaluated with an IQ test, teacher and parent surveys, as well as a general knowledge test. They are then granted access to one of these Las Vegas Schools program based on how well they have done on these assessments. In addition, all secondary Las Vegas Schools offer an “Honors Program” that provides a highly rigorous curriculum. Students may also select from Advanced Placement courses or choose to earn an honors or an advanced diploma. Participation in these programs also improves the success of the school overall.
Las Vegas Schools offer transitional bilingual and English as a second language programs, as well as numerous alternative education options for high school students. The district also uses outside resources to meet students’ needs through supplemental programs mentioned above.