Quality Teachers in Schools

Patricia Hawke

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have granted $290 Million to four districts to improve the quality of the teachers. The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation has always been keen to helping the education system and trying to improve it. This is the biggest they have ever donated at one time to the cause. Its important to know that teachers make all the difference in a students education and they are the people that can either make or break a students success in school. We know that teacher unions protect the education system in the United States, which is not at the advantage for the students. Why would the education system care more about its teachers than its students? The students are the most important be cause these are the people that will one day be running our country. It so important for the students to get high quality of education and have a high quality teacher to lead the way throughout their educational journey. Out of the $290 million, Pittsburg is getting $40 million.

Some of the requirements the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has set to their grants is that they need to focus on teacher training. Teachers will have to train for one year after graduation from their teaching degree to learn how to teach others and how to truly be an effective teacher. This is a crucial step to becoming a teacher and it’s a shock that this isn’t implemented in the graduation requirements already. The teachers currently learn about a particular subject, or general education and then go from that to teaching students. This definitely doesn’t come across well all the time. An effective teacher is something that is rare to find and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is trying to change that.

Because the Foundation knows that an effective teacher is the most important part of a students education, which is what they are putting their main focus on. They are putting the truly effective teachers in the most challenging classrooms to help the kids that need more focused attentions and better teachers to be able to succeed. Of course there are those students out their who have amazing education ethics and don’t need parents or teachers to remind them to study for a test or complete their homework or class work. These kids are a rarity as well, more often than not, a teacher needs to be that role model for the student and get them to have the will to study and have the will to do good in school and continue their education through college or vocational school. Its how this country is run. We need business people, sales people and doctors but this country cant succeed with a bunch of high school dropouts that only hopes for a good job is a fast food chain. They also will be getting rid of ineffective teachers which all around will prevent future students from suffering from the results of ineffective teachers.

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