Pittsburg Schools’ Magnet Schools Programs

By Stacy Andell for www.schoolsk-12.com

Pittsburg Schools Holds a Magnet School Information Fair 
The Pittsburg Schools is holding an Information Fair aimed at providing parents with the information they need to provide their children with the best opportunities. The Pittsburg Schools’ Magnet Information Fair will be held on October 7th at the Frick International Studies Academy. Pittsburg Schools’ Magnet schools and educational programs aim to provide students with the best opportunities in areas of special interest, talents, or future career pursuits. Enrollment in the magnet program is expected to lasts one year and students enrolled in the program must maintain proper academic progress, citizenship and attendance. If the student cannot meet these requirements the student will be transferred back into their assigned school. 
The Pittsburg Schools’ Magnet Information Fair is important because there are only a limited number of spaces available. Fifty percent of these places are reserved for students of African American background with the remaining positions for students of other races in order to preserve a racial balance. Faculty and students from the Pittsburg Schools’ magnet schools will be at the Magnet Information Fair in order to help answer questions parents may have. Magnet options are available in elementary, middle and high school students.
A preferred registration period will be offered from October 9-20. Preferred registration in the Pittsburg Schools’ magnet schools programs is offered to students who: are currently enrolled in the Pittsburg Schools’ magnet program and wish to reenroll in the same magnet program; younger siblings of any student who is currently enrolled in the same magnet program in the same school where the younger sibling is applying; and finally a geographic preference is offered to certain students based on space and racial balance, students with difficulties in mobility will also be given geographic preference to the magnet program to which they apply. 
General Information About the Pittsburg Schools’ Magnet Schools
Pittsburg Schools’ Magnet Schools program provides students the opportunity to pursue certain special interest and talents. Several of the Pittsburg Schools’ magnet programs offer the opportunity to begin in kindergarten and continue on into middle and high school. General registration to the Pittsburg Schools’ magnet program will be from November 1-15. When the student is finally accepted to the Pittsburg Schools’ magnet program is based on the promotion to the grade that is being applied. Twins who are accepted to the same magnet school program will not be separated. Notification of acceptance to the program will be in January of 2007.
If there are too many acceptable applicants then a lottery may be used. This lottery will include all the applicants from both the general and preferred registration periods. Applicants who submitted their applicants after November 15 will not be in the lottery. A computerized system will be used to decide how the students will be arranged. Parents and students will be informed by mail. Only the grades of kindergarten, sixth, or ninth are entry grades and students must meet certain requirements for other grades.