Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences in San Diego Schools

Written by Patricia Hawke for

Long ago, parents packed up their children’s lunch-pails and sent them off to the schoolhouse. Many children only attended part of the year; they were needed at home to help with the spring planting and the fall harvest. The schoolmaster’s word was law as far as education was concerned, and it was assumed that he knew a whole lot more about the children than the parents did – especially where education was concerned. These days, while we still hold teachers in high esteem, we have come to realize that parents are an important part of the educational processes that our children go through.
Communication is Key
For the majority of parents sending their kids to San Diego schools, it is no longer acceptable to pack the kids off on the bus and see them at the end of the day to maybe talk about the events at school, or to not (depending on the child!). These days, parents want to know more and more about what their little darlings are getting up to all day while they’re away at school, and communicating with the teachers is the best way for San Diego schools parents to find out.
The Parent-Teacher Conference
At least once a year, parents and the teachers of San Diego schools get together to discuss the progress of the students. Ranging in time from approximately 10 minutes to 45 minutes or even an hour (depending on the degree of information to be discussed), the parent-teacher conference is held as a means to update parents on how their kids are doing in San Diego schools, and to allow the teachers to gain more insight into the personalities and character traits of their students – through the eyes of the parents. Social interactions with other San Diego schools’ students, teachers and staff may be discussed, as well as any suggestions for improving said relationships. Academic performance while attending San Diego schools is also on the agenda, and teachers of San Diego schools use the conference as a forum to discuss the progress (or lack thereof) of the student in an amount of detail that is not typically available via report cards.
A Previously Overlooked Resource
Unfortunately, the integral piece of this puzzle is frequently overlooked – the student! A San Diego schools education can be looked at as a sort of triangle – with three components:  the teacher, the parents, and the student. Including students in the conferences which are all about them is a good idea. Even elementary San Diego schools students can participate in a conference which discusses their progress.
Including students as part of the parent-teacher conference is a great way for the San Diego schools’ student to physically witness that they are the recipient of a powerful team who has their best interests at heart. It undoubtedly conveys the message that their education while in San Diego schools is important, and worthwhile.