Orange Country Schools Drastic Budget Cuts

Patricia Hawke

California’s economy is in such bad shape that drastic plans are in effect to help with California’s deficit. Currently California has a $15.4 billion deficit and they are looking at many ways to help get themselves out of the negatives. Schools always are the first thing looked at when determining where states can save money because of the huge expenses they are to the states. Currently they have begun increasing class size and eliminating bus transportation. The problem with increasing class sizes is not only will less teachers be needed, which means potentially having to lay off good quality teachers due to the last hired, first fired policy, but because students will lack the individualized attention they need from the teachers. Because the classes will have more students, the students who require more individualized attention and slower paced classes will be at a disadvantage in school and may find to hard to pass their classes. This wouldn’t be good to the school because then these students will not do well on their standardized testing and this will result in the schools getting poor school ratings. The problem with eliminating the bus transportation is the students that have relied on the buses to get them to and from school their whole life will now have a dilemma on how they will be able to get to school. Some student’s parents both work and lave before they go to school and come home after they are already off school. Because bus transportation is being effected, students that already use the school bus system everyday will now have to figure out how to get to and from school. In California, Orange County Public School Districts are thinking of lowering the school year from 180 days of school per year to 160 days of school per year. This will save California State almost $1 billion.

Because of the immense savings this proposal ensures, this seems like a doable plan, except President Obama was pushing schools just the opposite. President Obama says that students should actually have more school per year, definitely not less. Around the world the standards for school is 220 days of school per year. Since the standards around the world are much higher, their students get more schooling and are trained better. This results in their economy being more stable, their technology being more efficient and advanced because they have better engineers and their school ratings always being higher than that of the United States. Orange County schools are looking at either taking one month off (twenty school days) before the start of summer, or just making school be one day less per week, so four days of school per week instead of five.) This plan is opposite of the recommendations of President Obama, but the schools have said that if they were to be shortening the school year, the school program and curriculums that the students are taught will be more advanced and thorough.

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