Online Testing in Florida

Written by Patricia Hawke for

Standardized testing in the past was a large packet of paper with the test questions on it and a scantron to bubble in the answers. Now in this technological era, schools are starting to do online testing for standardized testing. The problem is that schools didn’t have the resources to accommodate all the students to be able to do these very important tests securely and with the right equipment. In Orlando, Florida schools are lacking enough computers and a large enough network access to be able to get all of its students tested in a sufficient amount of time. They have old computers and slower networks which could cause a lot of problems for schools being able to give all of its students standardized tests in a timely manner.

Its important for schools to have fast network speeds and good computers when doing online testing because the refresh rate for the questions need to be quick. The students can’t be testing for a long period of time because of a slow network. That would cause the students to lose out on time in school because of the unnecessary time wasted in slow computers and faulty insecure systems. An upgraded network system is crucial for schools to be able to handle a lot of students taking standardized tests on their computers and to prevent the computers from crashing because of a system overload.

Not only do schools need a sufficient network access, they also need many more computers. They can’t test the whole schools with just the computers in the library. It would end up taking the schools way too much time having the students take turns. In this era where technology is so prevalent and computers are used so often at home, schools should have a lot more computers for students to have access to. Schools should have computers in every classroom and Wi-Fi as well so that students can access the Internet from their own computers if they wish. Schools can set up a secure Wi-Fi system where only students from that school can have access to it with their online schools logon. What’s great about having a Wi-Fi available in schools is that schools can use a secure log on and also prevent students from visiting site that are not appropriate for children while browsing Wi-Fi from their campus.

Schools should already have a fast network and Internet connection by now. Technology changes so frequently and some schools are still running on windows 2000 and thinking that they can get by with that. Schools need to realize that with all the new educational technology that is being introduced, they need to keep up with the basics at least. By a school in this day and age not having enough computers on campus to be able to give their students standardized tests online in a timely manner, there is a problem with that. If schools are not investing in the high cost of technological devices such as iPads and eReaders, they at least can get their current computers up to date and enhance their network to run faster.

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