Online Math Testing in Florida

Patrica Hawke

As educational technology flourishes, it begins to make traditional methods of school seem dull and old fashioned. Back in the day, testing for all subjects was done with a pencil and piece of paper, which the teacher had to grade, by hand, after the students finished the test. Things have been rapidly improving and changing because of the new educational technology that is arising. Orlando, Florida schools are beginning to make some drastic changes in how their schools take their standardized tests. Of course all the schools in the United States want to add more and more educational technology into their classrooms because of the benefits the see and the testimonials from other schools having such great success with their educational technology programs. They see the way that students are more engaged in their teacher lecture and they see the way the students handle the educational technology devices. They realize that by adding more educational technology into the classrooms it will help the students to prosper. As much as technology benefits the students, the schools financially cant keep up with the demand of the fast paced, ever changing world of educational technology. Every day new ideas are being tested and new educational technological programs are being created, so it is nearly impossible to fully keep up with the newest educational technology that is offered. That’s what the problem is with Orlando public schools making the decision to begin online math testing for their next school year. They aren’t fully prepared to make the switch, yet they started the process anyways.

They seem to be “biting off more than they can chew” when it comes to making the decision to switch all of their standardized testing to online instead of the traditional scantron way. They aren’t fully prepared with the amount of computers needed to successfully test all of the students of their schools in a timely manner. The schools are just expecting that they might have it in their budget to buy more computers and try to be prepared to be able to test all of their students in the easiest way possible. By switching to online math testing, the schools will save a lot of money on school materials such as scantrons, pens and scratch paper. Not only this but by switching to online math testing, Orlando public schools will be able to have the tests automatically graded and not have to worry about feeding scantrons into grading machines. All of these reasons are doing enough reasons to want to make the switch to online testing rather than the traditional way of testing, but sometimes, if you don’t have the resources, the money or the right equipment, chances are, it wont be a good idea to start off a plan half-finished. The first thing schools should look at is if they have the resources to be able to make their plan be successful, but if they don’t, then there is no part setting themselves up for failure.

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