New York Teacher Evaluations

Patrica Hawke

New York City Schools have always used seniority as a basis for firing teachers when faced with budget cuts. Regardless of how effective the teacher is or how well they teach the children and motivate them, because they have a shorter time with the school than other teachers, they are the ones that unfortunately get fired. Seniority has its pros and cons; in general this concept makes sense, if an employee has worked somewhere for the longer amount of time, they are usually the ones that get looked at for promotions first and they have seniority on requesting days off for vacations and holidays over newer employees. This makes sense because when someone puts in their time with a company and pays their dues while working their, they are the ones that should be looked at to be promoted or get holidays off. The thing is, different companies do different things, if a company has a employee working their that wasn’t doing their job correctly, or wasn’t responsibly handling their work or not being effective in their job or getting done what they need to get done, the company fires them. The different with schools is, they use seniority when basing their budget cuts and they cut the good teachers, and keep the bad just because they have the “last hired, first fired” policy.

New York City Schools are now realizing that this policy isn’t working in their favor. They realize that by firing effective teachers and keeping the maybe ineffective teachers who have been at the school the longest they are doing a disservice to their students. They just passed a bill that would allow schools to lay off teachers only based on performance, and disciplinary records, instead of seniority. By passing this law, they are now putting the needs of the students first. This law should have been passed years ago, while schools should still reward the teachers that have been teaching at their school the longest, they should reward them by giving them seniority over special school events, getting them more involved in the school and helping them to become better teachers. With the old laws protecting them from being fired, this should make the teachers step up their game and have desire again to teach, or even think about retiring. If teachers stay in their position for so long because they’re comfortable in it, this hinders the teachers as well. Not only does it do a disservice to the student’s because they are forced to be taught by an unmotivated teacher who is on the verge on retiring but its making the teachers become lazy and fell they are in a safety net, because they can’t get fired. By changing up the system and making it so the teachers are fired and hired based in effectiveness this will keep the teachers on their best behavior and refresh them to become better teachers than maybe they were when they first started at the schools. The better the teachers, the better the New York City school rankings will be!

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