National School Boards Associations Plans for Arizona Schools

Patrica Hawke

The National School Board Association is focusing this year on educational technology and how it is being used in school. They know that educational technology has come a long way and they want to make sure every school utilizes it in the classrooms to give the students a good head start on what they can expect out of life in college and in the workforce. Because technology is so utilized in everyday life, the National School Board realized that schools should put a big focus on offering educational technology to their students. The more educational technology the schools use, the better the students will be and better grades they will receive. Phoenix, Arizona public schools are one of the first school districts the National School Board Association decided to reform. They want their schools to have they students be able to have the opportunity’s to utilize educational technology in the classroom and become familiar with technology so tat they can use it later in life in college or in everyday life after school. They want the schools to examine how much, or how little, technology they are currently using and they want them to devise a plan to be able to integrate educational technology into their curriculum. Because of the high cost of educational technology, the National School Board Association decided that it’s not about the amount of educational technology the school c an offer, but the quality of the educational technology they can provide for their students. If schools put more focus on the fact that they need to find programs and/or educational technological devices that give them the most for their money, instead of jumping the gun and going over budget to provide their students with individual iPods, iPads and stocking every classroom with 3- educational projectors, then schools will be in a much more stable financial position.

Phoenix schools are examining their current educational technology and revising their plans for what they plan on adding into their curriculum. Because of the price of educational technology, instead of the schools putting such expensive goals on their plans, the National School Board Association suggested that they find a cheaper, higher quality route to their current plans, to save money and actually be able to get more educational technology into the classroom. The plan is to maximize the amount of money they spend on educational technology and maybe reform the plans of getting each student individual laptop and instead getting each classroom programs for their current computers that will assist the students with their studies and help them to learn computer programs and be able to take home the information the use and utilize technology while doing homework. The National School Board Association’s plans and suggestions for schools opened the eyes of many schools and districts nationwide. Its important to start small and do research on the types of educational technology that the schools can offer so that they can offer the best quality educational programs to their students.

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