Maryland School Diversity

Patricia Hawke

In Maryland they are contemplating turning schools into income based student integration. Currently schools in an area have either mostly poor or mostly rich kids, depending on the area and if the schools is located in the district that is “ghetto” or one of a nice community. By having this segregation of districts, which keep kids that don’t live in a particular district from attending a particular school, it creates a income based segregation, which now Maryland is trying to change. By having the district schools lines around areas that are bad or good, they are creating school that have a certain degree of segregation without knowing it.

In general, having district lines might have an organizational benefit and create ease for the schools when determining who their student base will be, but it also has its downsides. By confining students to having to live in a certain area in order to attend a specific school, it creates an income-based segregation, depending on the area that the district is confined to. Schools think that by having the district lines it makes the schools have more ease when figuring out how students are to be divided to the different schools in the area. This could be a good thing so it keeps the schools organized and helps them to create boundaries that are always well needed when figuring out how to divide thousands of students.

The negative things that districts create are the fact that they create income-based segregation in schools. This is bad because the schools don’t have the opportunity to teach a variety of students and have the opportunity to showcase their teaching skills for students or different incomes. When a school is confined to just one niche, such as helping the poor students to excel in school and motivate them to get college grants and further their education, this doesn’t give the school much opportunity to help other students. As good as the school can be to help this one type of students, id they aren’t well rounded and cant help all the students to be able to excel, then the school isn’t the best that it could be.

Schools are always concerned with achieving great school ratings and becoming the best of the best. Schools need to have a variety of students and have different income based students to become a well-rounded school that has opportunity’s for all students. A good way to integrate a variety of students into a school would be to allow all students from any area to attend a school. Not only will this help with overcrowding of school districts but it will bring a variety of incomes and different students with different backgrounds into the schools. Overall this will help the schools to become more diverse and to have better opportunity’s to achieve greatness. Students will have a better start at life if they experience school with a better diversity, because in real life, all people have different economic backgrounds and its important for students to be associated with all type of people to better their lives and help them to excel in their social and career lives in the future.

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