Las Vegas Schools Kicks Off Several Events for the New School Year

By Stacy Andell for

Las Vegas Schools ’ Cheyenne High School Host Specialist in Gender Neutral Education 
Dr. Leonard Sax, one of the foremost authorities in the success of gender neutral education, addressed the teachers and staff of Cheyenne High School. This was part of a professional development day scheduled before the start of the new school year. Dr. Sax is an author, psychologist, and family physician who has become a leading scholar on the topic of how gender differences affect student learning.
Dr. Sax’s day long presentation at Las Vegas Schools’ Cheyenne High School was based on twenty years of educational research and his most recent book, “Why Gender Matters.”  Cheyenne High School has been using gender based instruction for a few years now based on the idea that males and females learn differently.  Students who experience gender based education have been shown to ask more questions and have fewer problems with discipline. Dr. Sax’s workshop offered practical advice on discipline, gender stereotypes, and helping students avoid smoking, drugs and alcohol.
Las Vegas Schools Energy Conservation Program Reports Savings
The Two hundred and thirty-four Las Vegas Schools have will receive rebates for saving energy during the 2005-2006 school year. Schools in the Las Vegas Schools that have cut their energy costs by 10% or more will receive rebates of between $1,500 to $5,000. These rebates will be placed in a special account fund and will total around $560,000. Schools will be allowed to use these funds on anything that could directly impact student learning and achievement. This energy saving fund rewards those schools that have made behavioral changes in how they use energy. Las Vegas Schools that qualify for the program are those that can show that they have at least two years of documented utility history and then show that they have cut their energy use by at least 10%.
This energy conservation program asks staff and faculty of Las Vegas Schools to keep school doors and HVAC systems, computers, lights, and electrical appliances turned off when not in use. Faculty are also asked to report lights, HVAC systems and refrigerators that are not operating.
The 2006-2007 Las Vegas Schools’ Back to School Tour
This year’s Las Vegas Schools’ Back to School Tour focuses on the new schools opening in September. This tour is conducted by the Las Vegas Schools’ Superintendent. The current Superintendent, Walt Rulffes, tours all the new schools and will take part in ribbon cutting ceremonies at each of the new schools. The Las Vegas Schools’ Superintendent will visit with faculty, staff, and students.
The tour begins at Rancho High School, then to Johnston Middle School, then to its new neighbor, Hayden Elementary School and finally finish at Dearing Elementary School. Dearing Elementary Schools was just named a High Achieving School by the No Child Left Behind Guidelines.
Las Vegas Schools’ Tanaka Elementary School Starts the New Year Right
Tanaka Elementary School is starting the new school year by having a picnic open to the parents and community members. The picnic is intended to build a stronger school community and celebrate the start of school. Along with food and games, local political candidates will stop by to meet and greet the crowd. The picnic is being organized by the Tanaka Elementary School’s Parent Teacher Association.