Issues with Math Instruction

Patrica Hawke

California schools have always been behind when it comes to having challenging math programs. Math is a subject that either thoroughly challenges students, or it comes easy to them. Teachers always tell students that math is the most important class in school and that math will be used in everyday life after the students join the workforce. Weather their job be a fast food chain or a lawyer, numbers will always be in play. Not only in the workforce, but numbers are used in everyday life with balancing checkbooks, buying household items, paying bills and more. Math is used so frequently and it’s important to have good math education throughout the student’s pre-college life to ready the students for college and for life after school. Unfortunately the United States is very behind when it comes to math instruction and also with science instruction.

Science instruction has always been more basic and weaker than those schools of other countries. The United States in turn is much more behind in technology than other countries. When will the school system get the point that by requiring more challenging math and science instruction in the United States public school system, it will greatly influence how out Science and technology engineers create newer technology. The better educated our students are the better jobs they can acquire and the better our science and technology engineers will be. We are so far behind in technology compared to countries across the world and this greatly has to do with how our students are not challenged enough in these areas. California schools are beginning to introduce new ways on which science and math are taught in their schools. The company Texas instruments came up with this concept and the California schools are taking it on. Texas instruments came up with the concept that by adding technology into the science and math classes they would be able to teach more challenging concepts because the technology would be there to help the students to understand these harder to learn concepts more easily and at a faster pace. The more technology that the schools integrate into the classrooms the better off the students will be because they will be getting a more challenging education and it will prepare them greater for college and help them to plan their life choices better.

Because students respond so well to technology, California schools are making a good decision in adding more technology into these harder to learn, but oh so important math and science classes. Boosting California School ratings is always on the minds of the public schools in California and one way to help boost their ratings is by challenging the students more in these crucial math and science classes, but at the same time, introducing technology to make the students happy and give them a more challenging educational experience. Thankfully Texas instruments came up with this concept because public schools need all the suggestions they can get to help the students with their math and science courses.

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