Illinois Students Can Learn from the Governor’s Mistake

Written by Patricia Hawke for

What was it that Officer McGruff was famous for saying? “Crime Doesn’t Pay…Take a Bite out of Crime”. The governor of Illinois certainly didn’t get that message. Convicted over a year ago in 2006 of racketeering and fraud, he was found guilty of trading government contracts for benefits for himself as well as for his family. What a despicable thing for a governmental leader such as a governor to do. How can the residents of his state look to him as a role model now? What’s more important, what message does this bonehead mistake send to the students of Illinois schools?
Heroes and Role-Models
All kids attending Illinois schools have heroes. They may be the fictional variety – Superman, Wonderwoman, or Luke Skywalker, for instance. They may also look up to policemen, firemen, and even garbage men as people who do a valuable service for the good of the community. Many Illinois school kids even look up to their parents, older siblings, or extended families as heroes or role-models who demonstrate what it means to be a good person. Government leaders are no exception; many an Illinois schools’ child has proclaimed at one point or another that they want to be the Governor or President when they grow up.
What Happens When the Kids are Let Down?
Kids who look up to their governmental leaders, such as those attending Illinois schools who looked up to the governor of their state are suffering from disillusionment and downright disappointment. Getting caught committing crimes such as these is sure to lower one’s score in the opinion polls. Even though they may appear to be completely clueless, the students of Illinois schools usually do have an opinion on how well their town, state, or nation is being run.
The Wrong Message for Illinois Schools
By committing these crimes, the Governor is sending the wrong message to Illinois schools’ students. Even though he’s been “caught”, there is still the message that criminal actions are okay as long as you don’t get caught. This is not something we want for the students of Illinois Schools. These students of the Illinois schools need to see that getting into situations where a crime could be committed is less than desirable. In fact, it is downright morally reprehensible! It is pretty plausible that had the governor not gotten caught committing his crimes, he would have gone on doing them.
Stupid Mistakes
What the kids of Illinois schools need to take away from all of this is that they need to avoid making stupid mistakes as much as possible. The old adage, “Two wrongs do not make a right” definitely applies here. Committing the criminal act and then covering it up are both bad choices. Hopefully, not only the governor will learn from his mistakes. My hope is that the children of Illinois schools do so too.