Written by Patricia Hawke for

Not everyone attends a school that’s on the top of the heap. While not ideal, it’s simply a fact. There are many things that can cause a school to perform below the standards set by the district or state board of education. While a lot of the responsibility for improving the school in trouble lies with the teachers, staff, administration, and district employees, there is a lot that parents can do to help the school move up in Public School Rankings. Even schools that find themselves near the middle or top of the list of Public School Rankings will always have room for improvement.
First of all, parents can start at home. Reading to your child, listening to them read, and making sure they see YOU read are all ways to help your children improve their learning experiences without really trying. Helping out with their homework is another way to support their learning. Getting the kids involved in doing the grocery shopping, for example, is a way to bring mathematical skills to the forefront of your trips to the store. All this can help your child’s school place higher in Public School Rankings.
Another way that parents can help out at home which will improve Public School Rankings is to bring things home from the teacher. This is especially true for early elementary grades; there is often lots of prep work to be done for the students, and parents can help out with this while they’re watching Survivor or CSI. By doing this, your kids will see that you are helping out their teachers, and that you are interested in investing time to support their education, which will, in turn, help your school to rise in Public School Rankings.
If you have the time and the desire, you can take your involvement in the school to another level, which will improve the school’s Public School Rankings. Volunteering in the classroom, office, or cafeteria are all ways that you can lend assistance and support to your school. Your helping hand will surely benefit the school, and can improve its Public School Rankings in the process. Another option when volunteering at your school is to become a tutor or mentor. Public School Rankings will definitely improve for your child’s school with you working with the kids who need some extra help grasping and retaining the concepts they need, and viola! a higher spot in Public School Rankings is achieved.
Rising up within Public School Rankings can also be achieved by your involvement in school events and memberships with the PTA/PTO or Booster Club. These organizations are vital to the success of the school, as well as where the school is listed in Public School Rankings, and are involved in everything from fundraising to landscaping. A school that has the support of its parents is one that will definitely see an improvement in their Public School Rankings. Getting involved in the school’s various events, whether they are “fun” occasions like Fall Festivals or the Science Fair will give the school the support they need to help them achieve a higher spot in Public School Rankings.