Going Wireless in San Antonio, Texas

Patricia Hawke

In North East Independent School District, San Antonio, Texas, they are going wireless. Motorola and a member of their channel partner program, Minntek Solutions, are integrating their 802.11n wireless LAN (WLAN) across K-12 schools in the North East Independent School District. The district is looking to transform the old network to this high speed wireless WIFI network, to keep up with technological advances and prepare for the future classroom.
Currently, the school district has a web-based curriculum using technology and the internet to do research, complete assignments and communicate with their peers. By utilizing advanced forms of technology, this will better prepare the students for life and work outside of school.
The future classroom is going mostly utilize technology to teach, they will focus on online researching rather than library researching and have computers in every class. Soon the library’s will be fazed out into eReaders or Nooks and paper and pen replaced with computers and keyboards.
As some has felt that technology is impersonal and is the “lazy” way of doing things, this is our future. Weather we like it or not, we need to accept that our life is becoming more and more reliable on technological advances. Back in the day, we made calls from pay phones and people didn’t know where we were 24/7. You actually could run into someone and have a conversation, rather than running into someone today and trying to talk and have them say, “Oh, I saw it on Facebook.” With Facebook, people know what you are doing and where you are constantly thanks to the status update. Technology is great, but we cant replace relationships with computers.
With mobile phones, pay phones are few and far between. Everybody has a cell phone now and it has become such a huge role in our daily lives that we think, how did we ever live without it? That\'s how it will be with these technological advances they are making to the classroom. Kids will come home with their net-books complaining how heavy it is and we will say, “Back in my day we had to carry a backpack to school with six books that weighed twenty pounds!”
Regardless of how you feel about technology, its becoming more and more a part of your life, weather your getting it through the TV you watch, cell phone you use, grocery store you shop at; technology is everywhere and its unavoidable. By schools advancing in technology, that can only mean good things for our children!
By going wireless, San Antonio K-12 schools have so much opportunity to expand their current web-based curriculum and give kids the knowledge they need to succeed in this world of computer screens,
ipads and mobile communication. Even though some people feel technology is “lazy” the benefits definitely outweigh any technological concern.  Its so important to keep up with technology and teach the generations to come how to utilize new technology in everyday life and give them a better head start for their career and work life!
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