Goals of Charlotte Schools

Patricia Hawke

Charlotte is one of the fastest growing cities in one of the fastest growing regions in the Country.  School districts can find the challenge of maintaining educational quality in the face of swelling student bodies and squeezed budgets daunting. Typically, academic standards and results slip when so many children are flooding the school system at one time.  But, Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools know their weaknesses and have a plan for the future. 
What are Charlotte Schools’ Specific Goals for the Future?
●   Lowering Ratios:  Ratios are a part of life for most school districts and the Charlotte Schools are no different.  The teacher student ratios are what are most concerning administrators and faculty alike. As more children move attend the district schools, more and more pressure is placed on existing teachers because their classroom numbers keep growing.  Charlotte Schools are responding by hiring more teachers to lower the ratio of teachers to students.  After all, the more interaction that a child has with his or her teacher, the better chance for academic success he or she will have. 
●   High Standards:  Charlotte Schools desires to have best schools in the area.  They aim to accomplish this goal by remaining uncompromised on their time tested academic standards but ensuring that new teacher hires meet a quality that will be up to the task. The burden of educational accomplishment falls not just at the base of the teachers. It is viewed as a three way contract. Students are expected to be motivated in their education and to learn more as the district expands it’s academic standards instead of contracting them.  Administrators will be expected to handle the fiscal responsibility of keeping Charlotte Schools modern while also a desirable place for high quality teachers. Teachers will be expected to develop themselves more professionally, and the entire school will be expected to increase its performance on every level.  High standards in Charlotte Schools require that motivated and talented people are putting forth their best effort.   
Implementing the Goals of Charlotte Schools
Charlotte Schools need help in implementing their goals.  They want parents to provide their children with help he or she needs academically succeed.  Such needs include making positive learning environment at home and the encouragement to ask questions about homework or any problem he or she might be facing. In order to achieve high standards, children need their parents.  Parents should ensure the child has adequate work space and enough time to finish his or her  homework.  Most importantly, encourage school attendance.  The more he or she attends, the more he or she will learn. 
Parents are encouraged to be active within the school district as well. One can see a myriad of  volunteer opportunities at their child’s school.  Learning is a community event and more should participate in the school system in order to help it run better.  Join the PTA.  Coach a sport.  Get active in children’s education! 
Overall, in our Country their seems to be an increasing trend toward placing education further on the back burner in favor of other more interesting things like helping students at home, we’re watching television or surfing the internet with the mentality that learning should only take place at school.  This couldn’t be more wrong.  Learning in the home begins at birth and into adulthood. If we parents take an active role in their children’s education, efforts like those taking place in the Charlotte Schools will fall well short of their potential.