Gaming for Scholarships

A group of investors based in New Jersey launched the site,, after with this site it gives middle school and high school students the opportunities to earn a scholarship to college if they didn’t already have a sport talent or academic talent. Most students play video games on a daily basis and parents often have to limit their son or daughters time when playing these video games. Video gaming can be addictive and its important for parents to manage their kid’s time and make sure they are not constantly doing something that is not productive. Some parents were leery about this scholarship program because they were already feeling that their kids spent too much time playing video games and they didn’t find it academically helpful.

With sports scholarships, that aren’t related to academics either, they just need to have the physical talents and how different is that than video gaming and hand eye coordination. Regardless both are not academic and it’s important to be able to reach a higher population of students who need scholarships. Not everybody has sports talents, but most of the student population knows how to play a video game and some are better at it than others. Often times a scholarship is what is going to make or break a students decision to go to college. We need to put into perspective that a scholarship is a scholarship and it is going to great cause weather or not the parents feel that video gaming isn’t a helpful way of earning a scholarship.

Since students are already addicted to certain video games and play everyday already, why not put the gaming to a good cause? Don’t parents want their children to have opportunities to go to college and get credit towards it? Would you rather be limiting time on a students Xbox gaming or PlayStation gaming rather than computer gaming in a competition to win scholarships? Regardless of the parents reasons for not liking their kids spending so much time playing video games, once their homework is finished, video gaming for scholarships seems like something that will help to benefit their future, not a waste of time. Just as much as throwing a ball into a hoop is a talent, excellent hand eye coordination can lead to many great careers in life and also get students interested in graphic art jobs, gaming jobs or in general technology based jobs.

The only argument that might be a valid one is the fact that the games the students are playing are not education based. The games are “Captain Crash,” “Smiley Showdown,” and “Penguins Attack 2.” These games do not help with academics nor do they require much educational thought. You would think in a video gaming scholarship opportunity the scholarship would have some sort of educational game that would benefit the student and test his or her knowledge in school subjects. If the gaming scholarship incorporated this into their website, less parents would object to it.

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