Fresno Schools and 10,000 Mini Notebooks

Patricia Hawke

The Fresno Unified School District in California recently purchased ten thousand mini notebook computers to supply each child with their own notebook computer to work with while in school. Regular laptops are heavier and take up a lot of room on a desk, so schools are opting for the smaller option so the students will still have room for books. These mini notebooks are allowing children to all have an equal access to technology to get them better prepared for their future.
Not all children have access to computers or technological devices at home, that’s why this is such a great opportunity for them. To be able to work everyday in school with a computer they are gaining invaluable knowledge about using technology that will help them throughout their life. This will give them the best start possible at a successful life since technology is so important today. Technology is everywhere and it’s amazing to be able to give underprivileged students access to computers on an everyday basis. Of course all schools have computers in their library’s, but by being able to each have their own computer in a classroom, that is the best way to get familiar with technology and get the most out of it. By using the mini notebooks everyday the students can get familiar with the programs that are essential to life outside of school as well as inside.
Because the district is buying mini notebooks, they are able to purchase a lot more to benefit more classes. The low cost of a mini notebooks compared to a laptop is significant. In the high schools each student will have their own laptop. It is very beneficial for the students to each have their own to use so they can get the most out of it. The middle schools and elementary schools share the mini notebooks computers with one other person. Because the work on the computer is not as great as in high school, the elementary and middle school students benefit from sharing. It helps by teaching them teamwork and how to collaborate with others.
Schools that integrate technology into their curriculum greatly helps the students prepare for college. College is very computer and technology based, especially with all of the online classes becoming more and more popular. The need for a good understanding of computers and technology is very important and very useful in creating a very smooth transition from high school to college.
The mini notebook computers will be running Windows XP, Microsoft Office, OneNote, SharePoint 2007 and more. All of these programs will have individual logins so the students can track their work from class to class as they are not able to carry the laptops between classes. They stay in each class for the students to use while they are in school, but the schools also offer a discount on purchasing their own if they wish. The teachers also can check them out and use them while not at school.
The district’s goal is to improve student’s technology literacy, communication and their general achievement in school. With the students being able to digitally organize their schoolwork and files they definitely will see an improvement in their grades and parents can be assured their children are getting the best out of their education!
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